sale hangover

I had a great sale this past Saturday at the Shellbrook Streetfair.  Several sales & lots of my business cards went home with potential customers.

Sparkle & Doom DesignsHalf my table was crochet, and the other half was jewelry.

Sparkle & Doom DesignsThe crochet side did all the sales, and the jewelry was literally ignored. Literally. Ignored.

Sparkle & Doom Designs

I’ve been ignoring the writing on the wall, so to speak, in regards to the jewelry I have made in the last 7 years.  I had started making simpler earrings and necklaces because that was what customers wanted, but not any longer.  I am feeling confidant going back to my original style of complicated pieces, and trying new ideas.  What to do with the old stock that I don’t want to tear apart? Perhaps I should offer $1 deals in my shop?

Now to work on stock for November’s Rotary Sale.  I will be listing stock as it’s made in my Etsy shop, so you won’t have to wait 3 months if you’re local.

If you’re visiting my blog after visiting me at the sale – Welcome! And Thank You!

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Friday Pinterest: button flower earrings

The instant I saw this pin, I needed to make these earrings.

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newly hatched baby birds

newly hatched baby birds

The eggs hatched a couple of weeks ago…..

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sale prep!

Getting prep done for a sale is a relief for me. I hate doing things last minute.

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RIP Chocolatescotch

Sparkle & Doom Designs

Sad news, we found one of our ponies, Chocolatescotch, dead from unknown reasons. No trauma to the body beyond what the scavenger birds had done by the time we found her.  So we’re not sure what killed her.  Possibly she swallowed something that obstructed her airway, or some plant that poisoned her. Possibly a fast acting illness, as she didn’t seem sick at all.  Thank goodness Nora was mostly weaned.  Nora is doing fine healthwise, but of course, seems to be gloomy.  It’s only been a week (took me this long to feel up to blogging it. :/ )

Sparkle & Doom DesignsNora is such a sweet baby.

Sparkle & Doom DesignsI love her curly baby hair and fuzzy legs.

RIP Chocolate. We’ll take care of your daughter.

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